Student Alex Tew has come up with an idea to pay off his student loans, and probably have a nice little bit left over. He’s created a web page where he aims to sell 10 x 10 pixel ads for $100. There are a million pixels on the page, so if he sells all of the space, he’ll make $1 000 000 – Alex said that the million pound home page didn’t have the same ring as the million dollar home page (although would have been worth considerably more!).

Fueled by coverage in the media (and this site), the traffic to the page has been ramping up, and visitors will find that he has made a tidy sum already. Clearly it is still possible to make money on the internet with a mad idea and a bit of publicity.

Not surprisingly this crazy idea has also attracted some strange ads: The Book of Cool has bought 40 squares to tell us that “even monkeys fall from trees”. We’ve yet to see any electronic components suppliers advertise, but it is surely only a matter of time!