The RBS WilliamsF1 Conference Centre will play host to the first Advanced Automotive Electronics conference and exhibition on 25th January 2006. Despite the limited attendance to many exhibitions and conferences in the UK, the organisers are confident that the chance to lust at fancy F1 cars built from 1977 to the current season will make a ‘must attend’ event. More importantly the event is supported by MT Publications Ltd – the publishers of micro technology europe and automotive electronics [why do so many people – even those who write for a living want everything in lower case?].

We’re also promised conference papers that will be “highly technical, but with practical applications in mind”. These papers will be spead across three tracks: embedded technology, infotainment technology and emerging technology.

Generally we’d be cautious about any attempt to create a new show in such a difficult market, but with automotive electronics – a title that quickly and successfully established itself – backing the show, and the specific focus on automotive, the event could prove to be an instant success. Even if it doesn’t, there will be some fabulous F1 cars on show!