Although many people have got bored of readership study arguements in Germany, we thought it was worth mentioning that it looks like results from the study being organised by “the non-Weka titles” will not be ready in time for electronica.

The study was lanched by the titles that were unhappy with the La Elfa study sponsored by Weka, and aims to be the definitive study of the German market. Although Weka has been invited to participate, there seems to be little benefit in them joining, so we suspect that the results will still be subject to people’s interpretation. With the delay, however, perhaps we’ll just have to talk about the beer at electronica (being English, we’re not talking about football any more!). In a separate move, we heard mumblings about a German title considering BPA audits – a move which should make them much more attractive to American advertisers, although the recent experience of VNU in Italy who have stopped their BPA audits suggests that the boost might not be as significant as you might think.