A couple of weeks ago, we covered the falling-out between Power Systems Design Europe (PSDE) and its former editor, Bodo Arlt. In a remarkably quick move, PSDE has announced last night that the new editor will be Cliff Keys, who has no previous editorial experience, although he has extensive industry experience. We think this is a brave move that might just prove to be a great idea: there’s no question there will be a learning curve, but “real world” experience might be what is needed to make PSDE succeed in the overcrowded European power magazine market. As we have not worked with Cliff in the past and therefore can’t comment on his background, we have included the canned quote provided by the publishers:

“We are very pleased to have Cliff join the Power Systems Design Franchise, as an engineer and technology marketer, he brings a wealth of industry knowledge and will help expand the breath and depth of editorial coverage in the European Power Electronics market. Cliff brings over 20 years of experience to the job, with companies Vodafone, Hitachi/Renesas, Texas Instruments and most recently National Semiconductor. Cliff who is based in Munich will work closely with our Power Systems Design China Editor-in-Chief Liu Hong, who is based in Beijing to collaborate on the expansion of the Power Systems Design Franchise,” announced Jim Graham, Publishing Director.