In the UK, editors refer to the summer as the “silly season” because there is little news with most people on holiday. We thought that we could be equally silly at Napier, so we devised a “Napier Index” to rank the European electronics websites, using metrics such as Google page rank values and Alexa traffic figures. We’d like to claim they are the best indicators of how well a site shows up in search engines and how good the traffic is, but the fact we can access these tools for free was probably the biggest reason! Like all of these projects, we took the raw numbers, added them, multiplied them and finally came out with a number.

Being summer, we only looked at a small number of websites, with the winner of this totally unscientific study being Congratulations to the team at Sutton! We did look at the brand new site, but as the Google page rank was so low (being a new site) we felt it wouldn’t be fair to include in these results. For more information on how we came up with the numbers, or to find out scores for other sites, contact us.