New electronics has relaunched its online site, Neon. A pretty new look and feel, which doesn’t overdo the placement of advertising, and a significant amount of content from previous issues of the magazine has moved this site forward considerably. Whether it will compete with the large sites in the industry – such as the UK’s – is questionable: the site won’t be able to provide such a rich newsfeed, but the jobs listings will help drive traffic.

We did a couple of tests to see how the content on these two sites compared. Although had a respectible 221 items with the keyword microcontroller, EW has a stunning list of over 3000 items ( only returns 1791 articles). If you’re just looking ofr jobs, EW also remains a strong leader with 55 microcontroller-related vacancies vs neon’s 16.

What does this mean? We don’t see EW being overtaken in the UK: this site is a significant way behind in pretty much all metrics, but clearly Findlay Publications is finally focussing on developing their online offering. It does work, the traffic is building, and the site is arguably significantly more design-focussed that EW, meaning that we believe that finally neon is worth considering as an online option for advertising.