Paul Marsh will be returning to editorial duties in the UK when he takes up the editorship of Electronics next week (replacing the lovely Jo Bennett, whose departure was announced a couple of months ago). Paul is well-known in the industry, and has the ability to drive enhancements to the editorial content of Electronics. With several editorial changes in the UK recently, Electronics has done well to secure someone with a track record within the industry.

On the other hand, Andreas Donner is leaving the dynamic publishing house, Publish Industry, and the title he has done much to develop, Elektronik und Entwicklung. He’s off to Vogel to work on their new online storage and networking IT portal (to be called, which represents a strategic move to gain leadership in online tech publishing. The electronics industry is buzzing with rumours that Vogel will be relaunching their Elektronik Praxis site soon, as part of a huge investment in their online business. We’ll tell you more about this as soon as we are allowed!