Santana Communications, the publishers of PSDE has conducted some research amongst its readers. The survey has a respectable sample of just over 300 responses, which represented a response rate of 10.8%. Although these surveys are always compromised by the desire of the publisher to portray their title in the best light, we think there were some interesting results – particularly when yuo compare the results of the two other power titles. The circulation overlap with Bodo’s Power and PEE are almost identical – both around 60%, with PEE apparently having a higher requested readership. Around half the respondents read PEE and Bodos Power at least “frequently”, but there was a slightly larger preference for occasionally looking at PEE.

Unsurprisingly, given the sample used, around half of the respondents would choose PSDE if they could only have one magazine. Here again, PEE with 30% choosing it as the only title just beat Bodo’s Power which was the top title for 20% of the respondents.

What do these results mean? Given the falling-out between Bodo and PSDE, there would inevitably be an incentive to both show PSDE in the best light, and also to minimise the results for Bodo’s title. Despite this potential source of bias, we think that PEE did well to outscore Bodo’s Power, especially given the proactive marketing of Bodo’s title. It is possible that the reletive newness of Bodo’s Power reduced the preference for the title, and we will be very interested to see how the results might change in a year’s time.