The University of Chichester has undertaken some exciting research for Napier, which analyses which information sources are most important to engineers when they learn about and select new products. Although we have only just got the raw data, we already have some very interesting results:

  • articles in print magazines are more important to communicate information about new products than suppliers’ websites
  • the internet and magazines are both more important than word of mouth as sources of information about new products
  • engineers consider print advertising to be more effective than online advertising
  • engineers make little use of new media, such as blogs and podcasts, with less than 4% saying blogs would drive them to visit a manufacturer’s website
  • brand awareness is extremely important when engineers source new parts, with the vast majority of engineers have suppliers’ websites that they always visit when looking for new devices
  • The results of the the survey will be available around the middle of December. If you would like a copy, please email Mike Maynard (