It’s great to see new publications launch in our industry, and to see three new titles announced from a new publishing company is fabulous. Cassidy Publications has announced the following online titles:

  • Wave ISM will launch in January 2009, focusing on license-free wireless technology, addressing everything from semiconductors and modules to standards and testing
  • Linker-Locator will launch in the first quarter of 2009, focusing on embedded software development. This resource is sure to be appreciated by embedded software engineers who have few publications that focus exclusively on their needs
  • Modularity in design is the third publication, also planned for launch in the first quarter of 2009. This publication will focus on the use of pre-configured modules in embedded development
  • I hope that this new venture is successful. Cassidy Publications has identified gaps that are not filled by existing publications, rather than trying to simply chase the biggest advertising budgets. It’s interesting to see that by focusing on the reader, Cassidy Publications has actually created publications that will also have strong appeal to many suppliers (who will presumably become advertisers!), and hopefully this will ensure the success of all of these new online titles.