TechInsights has surprised no one by announcing that they will merge Embedded System Engineering and Embedded Systems Design Europe to create Embedded Systems Europe, a title with a circulation of over 20,000. Interestingly they have also decided to extend the brand by launching I do sometimes wonder how much sense it makes to segregate the engineering community on geography as vertical segmentation seems to make much more sense, but as TechInsights also offers such a comprehensive range of vertical DesignLines, I guess I can’t complain! The website will also help drive a weekly email newsletter with 18,000 circulation.

The website and the magazine will have a close tie with ESC UK, the Embedded Systems Show, which has recently switched venue to Farnborough.

Phil Ling will edit Embedded Systems Europe, with Colin Holland appointed as Editor-in-Chief across all the European Embedded titles, which makes this an incredibly strong and well-respected team.