ee-week-issue-1Last November I talked about E&E’s ambitious plans to relaunch the magazine and begin publishing E&E Week, an electronic-only news title. We’ve now seen the first couple of issues, and I wanted to say that I was really impressed with E&E Week. The publication looks great, and is really easy to skim through, whether on screen or in print. There is a good collection of news stories, covering four pages, and it is so much more pleasant than navigating through a news website or trawling an RSS feed. It is a great mix of industry news, new products and events listings. If you read Napier News, you’ll know I strongly believe that electronic magazines are going to be enormously important for our industry in the next few years, and E&E Week is one of the titles I like the most. Of course cynics will point to the lack of advertising in E&E Week, but I’m not surprised, given the seismic changes at E&E over the past three months: it will be interesting to see if the magazine can generate a good revenue stream from E&E Week by the middle of the year: check back on Napier News to find out how it is doing!