I love the announcement that I’ve just got from Weka: it starts “There is nothing special in a trade publisher relaunching one of its websites.” Absolutely true (I rarely write about relaunched sites). But it was great to see such a realistic and honest press release – and it did convince me to read the whole announcement!

Weka went on to point out that although relaunches weren’t special, they felt that Elektroniknet.de was special, and I guess you can’t argue with any publication that is number one in its market.

Great announcement from Weka – clear, honest and in everyday English (not corporate PR code). Oh, and nice job on the website relaunch – looks great and even someone with my limited German can find what they want quickly and easily.

So I guess this is proof that you don’t need to dress up an announcement to get someone to write about it. I suppose this means I should look again at that release I’ve just written!