Cassidy Publications has launched a new digital title, Emcore, that focuses on embedded software development, and single- & multi-core microprocessors and microcontrollers. The new publication enters a market at a time of significant change, with Embedded Systems Design Europe having recently switched to a digital format.
It’s early days for the new title, with the first issue really acting as a proof of concept. Developed and launched with little fanfare, no advertising has been sold for the first issue, although I expect that there will be advertisers ready to hand over cash for space in the second issue which will be published towards the end of April.
Given the pedigree of the editor, Phil Ling, it’s no surprise that the magazine includes some of his in-depth articles, providing a degree of editorial independence that some might say is lost in those titles that rely prmiarily on contributed material for their technical articles. Information about circulation isn’t yet available, although I’d expect Cassidy Publications to plan to grow the circulation over a number of issues.
Personally I’m delighted that another publisher has the confidence to launch a title at a time when advertising budgets are still tight. Emcore pretty much goes head-to-head with ESD Europe, and it will be interesting to see how a small entrepreneurial publishing house like Cassidy will compete against the UBM giant.