Despite the challenges of an ominous ash cloud and typically horrible traffic on the M4, the Embedded Masterclass yet again proved that you can organise successful events in the UK. A total of 161 embedded engineers attended the event that showcased products from 36 vendors, and 72 of the visitors were signed up for the technical workshops.

The organisers followed through on their threat to ban PowerPoint, and the resulting ‘White Board’ sessions were a great success. The audience also felt more able to interrupt and challenge the presenter, making the sessions more lively and attracting more engineers than previous years.

One indication of the success of the event is that United Media Resources Ltd (UMR), the organisers of: ‘Military Defence & Aerospace Electronics’ and ‘Advanced Automotive Electronics’, promptly announced that they had taken it over and would be running it in the future. Clearly UMR see an opportunity to grow the show beyond its current level, and I’m looking forward to see how they improve next year’s events.