I recently had a chat with the guys from Electronics-video.com, a site that has spent quite a long time under the radar as the web developers sort out issues and add enhancements. They told me that despite very limited promotion, the site is delivering around 400 video views per day, which means they expect to exceed 12,000 video viewings in September. The following graph shows the growth in traffic up to 12th September 2010:

The site is also doing well in terms of depth of content, hosting over 2,000 videos about electronics design and development.
With the first email newsletter from Electronics-video.com due in October, I’d expect the traffic growth to show a strong increase in the run-up to electronica. The site also looks great and works well, showing that all the development work has paid off.
It will be interesting to see how high the traffic can grow. We’re big believers in the benefits of video content and clearly there is a demand for video from engineers. Although I’m sure that all publications will move to having richer online video content over the next year, I like the idea of a site that is focussed on simply providing the best and most comprehensive video library for engineers, and hope that Electronics-video.com continues to flourish.