Yesterday UBM announced it had acquired Canon communications. From the point of view of the electronics industry this means that EDN will fall under EE Times in all regions apart from Europe. In Europe we see things somewhat differently as EE Times is published by EBP and EDN Europe by Reed. So for Europe there will be little change.
Although I see no reason for EDN to be closed by UBM in the short term, I wouldn’t be surprised if EDN slowly migrates to be a part of EE Times in the US and Asia. UBM appear to be running with a “single power brand” strategy, pulling all their content into the EE Times umbrella, and presumably they will consider doing the same with EDN. Even if this does happen, I don’t think it will have a significant impact on our European titles: both EDN Europe and EE Times Europe have a great reputation and loyal readership, and I hope to see them continue to fight it out for European readers and advertisers.