Recently I chatted to Ian Poole, editor of, who was very keen to tell me about the growth of traffic to the publication. In the past year, traffic has grown by 75%, and the (unaudited) Google analytics report show the site now delivers around 330 k page views a month. This is a pretty impressive figure when compared with some other sites in our industry!
Why is the site so successful? Ian put it down to “providing the technical material that electronics engineers want.” I think that the content is clearly one reason for the success, and it’s probably helped by the site’s focus on a specific area of electronics design and the global audience for the information., however, hasn’t attracted much advertising, with Google AdWords filling the vast majority of slots. I don’t think this has anything to do with the site, though – it’s simply that there hasn’t been an effective sales organisation promoting! If the sales issues get resolved, I’m sure will see a significant improvement in advertising revenue to match the growing number of readers.