The Wireless Fortronic Forum will be held in conjunction with Electronics Weekly on 28th June 2011 at the Williams F1 Conference Centre in Oxford. Attendance is free by registering on the Fortronic UK web-site.
The event has attracted speakers from companies such as Atmel, NXP Jennic, Ramtron, EnOcean, Murata, Quectel and Varta, and will address topics ranging from Energy Harvesting to Zigbee software stacks. Workshop sessions will be held in the afternoon, offering design solutions and hands-on demonstrations. There will also be an exhibition running throughout the day.
Fortronic events have a fabulous track record in Italy, and it will be interesting to see if the model will transfer to the UK, especially given the apparent reluctance of British engineers to attend shows and conferences. Fortronic UK has put together an impressive team for the conference in the UK, so I’d be optimistic that this will prove to be a successful event.