It has been a busy time for Napier’s research team. Hot on the heels of the release of our Twitter benchmarking report, the results of our study into the use of social media by engineers is now available. This is a unique survey as it focuses entirely on the electronic components sector – researching the views of electronics engineers and the people who market products to them.
This is the second time we have surveyed engineers to find out their opinions about social media and the effectiveness of social media marketing, and the results show some slow but positive trends in the use of social media.
Some of the key conclusions of the report include:

  • About half of all engineers plan to make more use of social networking in the next year, with business use showing more growth than personal use
  • Forums and LinkedIn are the most popular platforms for work-related networking
  • Facebook is still seen as primarily a personal social network, with limited interest in using the platform for business

Perhaps one of the most important findings is that marketers are doing the wrong things: they are not focussing on the same social media channels as engineers.
This report is available completely free of charge, providing you always credit Napier as the source of the information. Click here to download Do Engineers Use Social Media?, or email me to find out more.