Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching prospects and customers, but it’s fraught with layout problems. I hate the process of trying to create an email that looks great in all email clients. Sure, you can use a simple layout (just look at how many emails you receive that are just a single image), but you’re compromising the impact you create for the recipients – and therefore the results the campaign generates – simply to make the layout easier and more convenient.
At Napier, we use services that will show us what the email will look like in a wide range of different email clients, ensuring our HTML layouts look good on whatever device or program you use to read them. But fixing the incompatibilities caused by email clients not implementing the HTML standard correctly can be painful. So I was delighted to see a new email layout tool, Fractal, which was recommended by SupplyFrame. It looks at your email and highlights potential problems. We’ve just started playing with it, but hopefully it will save our design team pulling their hair out!