EDN-Europe-logoWith the news about the transfer of EDN-Europe from RBI to EBP now official, I had a quick chat with new publisher, Andre Rousselot, to find out about his plans for the publication.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed. The first thing Andre talked about was his belief in the future of EDN Europe, saying “this is a good opportunity to bring EDN-Europe back on a growth track.”

Andre also promised that the contract provides access to content generated by journalists working for the American edition of EDN, and all content produced by EE Times Europe Editors will also be available including content from EETE design Lines, a much needed boost to the volume of quality content that Andre thinks will be, “multiplying available content for EDN-Europe by a factor of 5″

I also couldn’t resist asking about print. With the hard-copy edition of EE Times generating strong revenue for EBP, would we see a print version of EDN-Europe? Andre was a little more cagey with his response, saying, “I am not ruling it out but we first need to get things going.” His initial goal is to develop the circulation, and he will be able to access the EDN US database of European users, geotarget visitors to EDN.com, as well as being able to build on the existing EBP database of 107,000 readers in Europe. The EDN-Europe logo has also been refreshed as part of the relaunch.

More details will be available when the new media kit is launched next week.