It’s not all bad news about EPN. In a comment to our earlier story that talked about the move of EDN Europe to EBP and EPN shutting down, Mick Elliott has promised to keep publishing his disti blog, albeit without the EPN branding. With the same insight and high-quality writing we are sure that this is going to be a successful venture. And if it works, perhaps other journalists might decide that controlling their own publication is more secure than being at the mercy of decisions made by large publishers… that would be an interesting situation. I wish all the best to Mick for the relaunched disti blog; I’ll be watching carefully, and writing about his successes.

UPDATE – 2nd April 2013 – Mick Eliott has joined ElectronicSpecifier, and Mick’s disti blog will now be the distribution news section of You can also contact Mick by email at