The March issue of Fare Elettronica will be the last as a print magazine, and starting from the April issue, Fare Elettronica will be only available in PDF format as a digital magazine. Readers of the publication have been encouraged to switch to a digital subscription since the first digital version. The publishers have also decided to focus on education, with about 6,400 more digital copies being distributed to engineering schools, colleges and universities, as well as a promise of a massive email marketing campaign to get readers who are gearing up for a career in electronic engineering. Currently the total circulation is around 10,000.

Whilst the move to digital distribution is not a surprise, and reflects the strategy chosen by many other publications, the decision to focus on the education sector is interesting. Whilst many companies have programmes to win fans amongst students, before they get a job, it may be harder to get advertising budget for campaigns that have such a long-term payback. Hopefully the number of engineers reading Fare Elettronica will also continue to grow, making Fare a great choice for reaching the engineers of today and tomorrow.