It’s good to see that Findlay Media is looking to expand, and has acquired the FAST Group of products – FAST magazine (Fastening & Assembly Solutions and Technology), the biannual FAST Exhibition, and content rich Fastening Solutions website ( – from NewbyCom Ltd. Anyone involved in the fastening market – including our client PennEngineering – knows how influential the publications and show are, and it’s great to see Findlay investing in them. They’ve also made the very sensible moves of retaining Mark Newby as an integral part of the FAST team in the role of Sales Director and Paul Gay as Editor of FAST magazine and the Fast Solutions website. Both Mark and Paul are central to the success of FAST, and it’s great to see that Findlay has recognised they are buying talent as well as publications. The FAST publications and show are great complementary additions to the Findlay portfolio, and I’m optimistic that this move will benefit both Findlay and FAST.