LinkedIn recently launched a couple of tools – the Content Marketing Score and Trending Content. Trending Content aims to help marketers understand what topics to address by identifying the things that are resonating with the LinkedIn audience, whilst the Content Marketing Score aims to provide a metric to measure how effectively your content – including Company Updates, Sponsored Updates, Groups and Influencer Posts – engages the audience.

Currently these tools are only available if you are a LinkedIn Marketing Solutions customer (i.e. if you’re spending money on promoted posts or advertising). Whilst the Content Marketing Score will hopefully help to improve the quality of content on the platform, the ability to identify content trends is likely to do the opposite, with marketers rushing to create content that tries to hijack topical themes rather than producing valuable, insightful content.

We’ll be watching LinkedIn to see how the new tools impact the content on the platform: if you use them, I’d love to hear about your experiences.