One of the best ways to understand how the internet is developing is to read Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report. The annual report is seen as one of the most authoritative and insightful, and is published by her employer, the respected VC company Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers.

The report is quite consumer-focussed, but also provides great insight for B2B marketers, and is a fabulous resource for the stats that you need for your next presentation. here are some key facts you might not have known from the 164-slide report:

  • Despite questions about the slowing growth of Apple’s iPad business, tablet sales are still growing faster than PC sales ever did
  • Mobile advertising grew 47% last year and is now 11% of the $116Bn global internet advertising market
  • Half the clicks on a tweet happen in 6.5 hours, for Facebook half the clicks happen in the first nine hours

The report provides lots of other information on trends, from news to big data, and is essential reading for any marketer.