Google has recently unveiled four new mobile-focused display ad formats, across the Google Display Network, AdMob Network and DoubleClick.

With multi-screen viewing growing rapidly, Google has introduced these newly-developed display formats in a bid to improve its mobile platforms for marketers, by providing brands and consumers with a better experience across different mobile devices.

In a recent blog post by the search engine giant, Jonathon Alferness, director of product management for mobile display ads commented, "A new generation of display ads is changing how advertisers engage with consumers on mobile devices.”

The following points will provide some insight into what exactly these new formats are, and how they can be leveraged as part of a mobile advertising campaign:

Mobile Lightbox Engagement ads

The first format will be the Mobile Lightbox Engagement ad, which will dynamically resize to fit any ad size across devices, with advertisers only paying when a user engages with the ads to expand them. Advertisers will also have the ability to turn their existing ads into rich, media centric HTML5 engagement ads, which will expand to an interactive full-screen ad, should a user click on it.

TrueView Video ads

Although not entirely relevant to the B2B landscape, TrueView video ads will soon roll out across more apps in AdMob, as opposed to having previously only run across gaming apps. Advertisers will only be required to pay when a user chooses not to skip your ad.

Anchor ads

Anchor ads will be locked to the bottom of the screen, even when the user swipes up and down a page, until they manually dismiss it.

Magazine Style Text ad

Finally, the magazine style text ad will aim to marry the glossiness of print magazine ads, with the ease and practicality of a text ads, in order to increase engagement and reduce user frustration. Google already offers magazine-style ads for mobile websites, but hasn’t made them readily available inside native ads until now.

Additional to these new formats, Google have introduced three new tools, which will enable easier conversion of existing ads into versions that will work across different screens and devices:

Automatic mobile sizes for image ads

A new auto-resizing tool will be available on the Google Display Network, and will automatically create new sizes of image ads, including mobile-specific ad sizes.

Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tools

Available to the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Campaign Manager, this tool will automatically create a HTML5 version of your flash ads, so that when the ads are served on either a device or browser that doesn’t support flash, the interactive HTML5 ad will be shown instead of a static image backup.

29 new HTML5 and in-app formats

Available in DoubleClick Studio Layouts, this tool will enable advertisers to upload existing creative assets, into a pre-built rich media ad template, to create rich ads that will work on smartphones and tablets in minutes.


These new display ad formats and tools are due to roll out over the next few months, enabling advertisers to have the confidence that all display ads will work, regardless of screen size or device. Should you require any help in implementing an effective mobile advertising campaign, get in touch on +44 (0)1243 531123, or alternatively send us over an email to