Earlier in the year we were warned that if websites remained non-responsive after April 21st, Google would penalise your site and you would see your ranking position decrease significantly.
Google’s algorithm, also known as Mobilegeddon, was introduced to give mobile-friendly sites higher priority in organic searches, and since implementing this update, sites that have failed to be optimised for mobile have in fact seen a 10% decrease in traffic.

Despite this significant impact, however, Adobe’s Q2 2015 Digital Advertising Report also found that mobile visitors are not as valuable in terms of revenue-per-visitor (RPV), displaying less engagement on a site compared with desktop visitors, who would typically browse more.

The report additionally highlighted that global SEM spend has increased by 17% YoY, with global display ad cost-per-click (CPC) and click-through-rate (CTR) both experiencing growth.

Interestingly, Abobe’s Q2 2015 Social Intelligence Report highlighted that recent algorithm updates across social media platforms have led to declining interaction rates in all industries as marketers adjust. While social media usage across industries continues to differ significantly, as many as 93% of individuals are using social media at least once a week, emphasising the importance for brands to react to updates quickly.

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