Users with a high Social Selling Index are 51% more likely to meet their sales targets

LinkedIn has released a data-driven score tool called Social Selling Index (SSI), which enables companies to measure how successful they are at promoting their brand on the site, and how effective they are at engaging other members.

LinkedIn’s SSI monitors users’ activity across four categories; professional brand, finding people, engaging with insights and building relationships, in order to generate a score out of 100, which members can use to compare with their network and industry, and measure progress over time.

The social network claims that sales people with a high Social Selling Index are 51% more likely to meet their targets. and further hope that this recent development will encourage users to better use its platform in order to reach the many users involved in the B2B decision making process.

Kevin Scott, head of LinkedIn Sales Solutions, EMEA said: “The use of social media for business development and sales is not a new phenomenon, and ‘social selling’ is becoming well established. However, this is the first time professionals have had access to a data-driven tool that looks at a broad range of factors to help them identify areas where they can improve over time and, ultimately, be more successful growing their businesses on LinkedIn.”

Previously only available to paying LinkedIn users, the tool has now been rolled out across its 380 million users.


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