Elektroniikkalehti, published twice a week on Wednesday’s and Friday’s, is a Finnish online publication focused on the electronics industry. The magazine has been covering high tech news and electronics in Finnish for more than two years and felt it was time for a refresh by announcing a name change from Elektroniikkalehti to ETN.


They are staying close to their roots with the name change, and want their new name ETN to reflect the essence of the new world of technology. This new name carries with it some deeper meaning with E representing Electronics being everywhere as this is an inherent part of their scope.

The T reflects the long Finnish tradition in telecommunications and the N refers to Nanotechnology. This describes the miniaturisation of devices and components and the emergence of new materials that often combine intellect with nanoscale structures.


Under its new name, ETN will continue to be update readers with all the latest news along with its newsletter providing a recap of the most important news twice a week.

We wish the Elektroniikkalehti team every success for the future, writing under their new name, ETN.