Last week I was able to attend the IDTechEx event in Berlin. At the event they combined a number of related shows addressing:

  • Sensors
  • Wearables
  • Electric Vehicles
  • IoT
  • Energy Harvesting and Storage
  • 3D Printing
  • Graphine
  • Printed Electronics

IDTechEx is a client, so I was in a positive frame of mind, particularly as I knew we’d helped them increase pre-registrations by 15% with a PR campaign that beat our targets for coverage and placements. Even though I knew it was going to be good, I had no idea how good. The show isn’t huge, but it has some outstanding exhibitors showing great innovations. It was also busy. Really busy! In fact people were queuing to talk to the exhibitors. This wasn’t just on a couple of stands; a lot of the booths had queues.

I talked to a couple of exhibitors and comments ranged from “we’ve attended for several years and it is always a good show” to “it’s the first year we have exhibited and we’re astounded by how successful we have been”. It’s always nice to hear positive comments from our clients’ customers, and even better when not one of the people I spoke to had a bad word to say about the event.

This got me wondering: how did IDTechEx manage to deliver such great results. I realised that the show was good because they got so many things right. From the wide aisles, interesting range of exhibitors and impressive conference schedule to the great food and high-speed wifi, the whole event was well planned and well executed. I guess this is the challenge for event organisers: how do you manage to take the time to get so many things right?

It’s great to see a show like this thriving in Europe. Take a look at what attendees were saying on social media with our Storify round up and check out the photos below to see how successful the event was this year.



IDTechEx 2016 Solar Car at IDTechEx 2016

IDTechEx 2016 Printed Electronics at IDTechEx 2016