In January this year we conducted our ‘Tech Marketing Survey’ and asked you how you would be spending your marketing budget this year. Your answers indicated that advertising costs accounted for approximately 15% of the 2016 budget. With this precious budget, marketers can have a tough time deciding what the best options are for their B2B digital advertising. As there are so many avenues, how do you know which ad types will give you best bang for your buck? We’ve created a Digital Advertising tip sheet to give you an overview.

With ‘native’ advertising becoming a popular choice and social channels providing more and more options, our tip sheet tells you the facts so you can decide which approach will be best suited to your B2B digital advertising strategy. We address key questions such as:
• What is the difference between native and display advertising?
• Is retargeting just creepy?
• How can social ads help me?
• Do I need to be using Google Adwords?

Things have changed a lot, so we’re not offering this report any more. Please contact us for more information about how you can use Native Ads.