Power Systems Design PSD logoIt sometimes amazes me that an industry as technical as ours can be slow at adopting new technology. So I was pleased to hear that Power Systems Design is adding online purchasing of advertising as well as easy upload of artwork. Although they will be able to accept credit card or PayPal for any campaign, Power Systems Design anticipates that smaller campaigns, such as the “Must See” emails around shows such as electronica, PCIM, SPS, APEC, etc. will be the main beneficiaries of the new capabilities.

The Power Systems Design “Must See” emails cost $750, and I can see that not only will the new approach simplify things for the publication, it will also make it much easier for many smaller companies: frequently they are spending significant amounts on their credit cards for Google AdWords, and I don’t see why it shouldn’t be as simple to buy advertising in an electronics publication.

I understand that the system is in the final stages of development and will launch next month. I will check in with PSD in a couple of months and find out how well it is working: if it’s something that benefits clients and makes it easier for them to spend money on advertising, I hope to see other publishers taking a similar route.