Landing pages are a great tool for any marketing manager, so it is surprising to learn from MarketingSherpa’s landing page handbook that 44% of clicks for B2B companies are directed to the business’ homepage and not a dedicated landing page. Marketers feel the pressure to provide their sales team with leads and a good landing page can convert 20% of visitors in to leads, whereas home pages typically generate no leads at all.  Understandably marketing managers are reluctant to pump money into the unknown and there is often the misconception that landing pages are complex, time consuming and expensive. Thankfully none of these things are true. When you understand how valuable landing pages can be for your business this statistic is mind boggling, so in this post we give you three reasons why you should be using landing pages to promote your business. To accompany this post we have also created a handy Tip Sheet that you can download .

Turning visitors into leads

One of a marketing managers main goals will be to drive traffic to an online resource to showcase what the company in question can do for potential customers. A website is a company’s virtual shop window so it is a valuable resource but how do you know how effective your website is at turning visitors into leads? A landing page is not just any webpage, it is a specific page with a purpose – to capture lead information.  One of the major selling points of using landing pages is that they help increase your conversion rates and every business is interested in attracting more leads. As well as converting more visitors to leads, landing pages by nature attract better quality leads, as long as they are built and designed correctly and the right content offer is made available.

Learn more about your prospects

Every time a prospect fills out a form on one of your landing pages you are gaining valuable information about them that will help you in a number of ways. Understanding what type of visitors your content is attracting and then converting tells you whether your marketing strategy is successful and reaching the right audience. This in turn gives you insight into adjusting your buyer persona’s and tweaking your strategy if necessary. As an added bonus, this additional information also gives your sales team a great foundation to be able to make their follow up as effective as it can be. Over time, using landing pages are a great way to understand who your most engaged prospects are through reconversion’s of existing leads, helping you to build your sales pipeline.

Supplement your other marketing channels

Landing pages need good quality content in order to be most effective and every time you create a new landing page you add another piece of content to your content calendar. Each new landing page can be shared on social channels and included in email campaigns. With each share you can track and analyse the associated metrics to see how your content performs. This detailed insight is a fantastic way to optimise and create compelling new content.

So there you have it, three really good reasons to use landing pages for your business – Happy Converting!

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