Often it seems you are no longer rewarded for the knowledge you attain and learn within our industry. It has become, rightly so, an expectation of our experts or clients to be confident in their knowledge of the industry or their products. This was why I was pleasantly surprised to learn Power System Designs, have produced a crossword puzzle called PSDpuzzler, available in print, and more importantly online.

This fun and unusual idea allows access to both experts and clients to put their knowledge to the test. It provides a twist of fun, with the online version providing a timer, hints and the ability to pause and save the puzzle. You can also use the solve button to reveal the answers, which shows you how many of your answers are correct and providing a red outline around the ones that are wrong.

PSDpuzzler introduces an element of competitiveness, pushing people to strive to be the best. It can even create friendly competitions between others, as they attempt to get the most right. With the crossword updating monthly it keeps up to date with the newest updates within our industry, as well as testing your knowledge on key terminology and products.  It’s nice to see that even though PSD doesn’t offer a physical award, experts and clients alike can feel good about themselves when they succeed in completing the crossword.

The use of this unique idea is sure to boost Power System Designs reputation, presenting them as a serious leading technology company, but who are also not scared of being different from others. This provides an element of competiveness and entertainment on their website, making them distinctive from others.

This is a clever, and entertaining move from Power System Designs. They have provided an amusing, and clever crossword, unique from other websites, and I hope many will take this chance and put their knowledge to the test.