We would like to congratulate the popular power publication PowerPulse on 20 years of publication. We normally blog about European media, but for big anniversaries like this, it’s worth breaking the rules and talking about a success in the USA. Well done to the team at Darnell!

powerpulse 20th anniversary logo

About PowerPulse

European readers might not know much about PowerPulse. Unsurprisingly they cover all aspects of power electronics, servicing over 50,000 subscribers. With a daily newsletter, this means that they deliver over 1 million email updates monthly, as well as generating over 3 million page views monthly on their website. With a creative approach, they offer lead generation solutions as well as providing advertising opportunities for awareness and click-throughs. Although it’s US-based, PowerPulse has a global audience, with around 1/4 of readers based in Europe.