From October Enginuity Europe will be offering native advertising (they’re calling it “Sponsored Content”). Initially the only paid content offered will be interviews with client company executives, which would be carried out over a Skype video call. Phil Ling, editor-in-chief of Enginuity Europe tells us that the interview would last around 30mins, but the final video will be edited to a maximum of 4 minutes to provide viewers with an easily accessible video while giving clients the chance to put their story across, in their own words.

This option is designed to be easy, with all video post-production carried out by Enginuity Europe. Phil anticipates that the fact that the interviews don’t require any additional content to be created means many companies will use this Sponsored Content as value-add to any new release or other marketing activity. The interviews can cover a broad range of topics, focussing on technical innovation, business developments or expert views on the engineering industry, although new product introductions are something Phil believes are particularly suitable to the video format. It’s even possible to outsource the entire video to Enginuity Europe if no company spokesperson is available for interview.

Once completed, the video will be uploaded to the Enginuity Europe website and their social media channels (the equivalent to a Social License for regular content). In addition, all Sponsored Content will also receive an initial boost on Facebook to reach a minimum of 1000 views across an engineering audience. Other social media platforms can be included on request, as Enginuity Europe has profiles on all the main platforms.

Although Enginuity’s normal Social Licensing costs are based on the type and length of content, Sponsored Content is being offered at a fixed price. As Phil anticipates a high level of demand, it will initially only available through recognised PR agencies (such as Napier).

It’s great to see a creative approach to native advertising. There’s a dearth of video interview content in our industry, and I hope this initiative will drive an increase in engaging video for electronics engineers.