We reported on the recent launch of Power Electronics News, and have just received their initial traffic figures. In roughly one month (from mid-August to mid-September) the site achieved:

  • 34,562 page views
  • 15,124 user sessions
  • An average time on page of 2:14

Given that the official launch of Power Electronics News wasn’t until 1st September, this is a promising start that shows there really is no limit to the number of titles that can address the power design sector.

More information about webinars

The editorial webinar series that were promised will be presented by Chris Richardson. Up to five sponsorship slots will be available, which will sponsors to showcase their brand, and provide access the list of registrants for lead generation programmes. Power Electronics News has also signed a partnership with Bodo’s Power, who will also promote the webinars, providing greater reach and hopefully driving greater volumes of traffic.