IoT and wearable tech is never out of the news in the electronics industry and now Marjonmedia (publishers of have launched – a new website specifically created for designers developing wearable devices.

As the name suggests, this new website is the home of the latest news and developments in all things wearables, providing not only a technical focus but also keeping visitors up to date with the latest business news in this ‘trend heavy’ sector. showcases information on new hardware and software, key topics such as wireless design and system integration and serves up all the latest industry news, including opinion and insight with a blog from Caroline Hayes.

Talking about the new site, Andy Pratt, MD of Marjonmedia says, “We noticed that every time we posted a new technology for the wearable market story on, we received a particularly large number of clicks. Looking closer at this sector of the electronics market, there were no websites specifically looking at the technology for wearable devices, so we decided that the time was right to fill that gap.

Twenty years ago when working in magazine publishing, I saw the way the communications market was going, and introduced communications supplements. The emergence of Wearable Technology will take communications to another level over the next 10/20 years. I now believe that is ideally placed to be a resource platform for designers of these exciting products; enabling them to keep up to date with new products and news from around the industry.”

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