As 2016 heads to a close, here at Napier we like to look at the predictions for the future, especially in relation to B2B Tech publications and what 2017 might have in store.

This is why we have created the B2B Tech Publications Outlook Survey, to learn what B2B publications aim to focus on in 2017. We aim to discover the answer to the continuing question, of whether print is still relevant to publications, or if online media now has the majority of their focus, as well as the main objectives of B2B Tech publications in 2017.

A special aspect of this survey, is that we are offering the chance for the B2B publications taking part to receive the answers. This will provide publishers with the opportunity to discover what other B2B Tech publications are planning for in 2017, and what their main focuses will be.

If you are a B2B Tech Publication and are interested in these results, then we would love for you to participate in our survey and provide us with insight into your plans for 2017.