Elektor has invited Rebecca Geier to Europe, to host a Smart Marketing for Engineers Workshop Tour on Elektor’s behalf in June 2017.

Rebecca Geier is a well- known American marketing specialist, who was a member of the marketing leadership team at National Instruments for 14 years, and holds more than 25 years’ of global marketing experience in engineering and scientific markets.

The Smart Marketing for Engineers Workshop tour will aim to present highly tangible and measurable information targeted at any technical audience. Interestingly, Rebecca, similar to other engineers, is known to not hide behind ‘management speak’, as she will zoom in or many different choices a technology oriented company has to make to be successful.

Elektor is encouraging business deciders and marketing specialists to take notice of this workshop and participate. With a long list of benefits after you’ve completed the workshop, such as a prioritized plan for marketing investments, and a draft campaign and content marketing plan, it seems this workshop is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

The workshop will consist of a day and a half, and will be held in Munich the 12th-13th June, Berlin from the 15th-16th June, Aachen from the 19th-20th June and Eindhoven on the 22nd-23rd June.

To find out more about the in-depth topics covered during the workshop, read about Rebecca’s tour on the Elektor website.