Advertising and Cost. Two words that can make any marketer shudder, as they cower in their chair with fear. Yet, is the cost really that high? A clever, and effective campaign executed efficiently, will do nothing but create appreciation, as a campaign stands behind values and meanings close to not only existing customers, but also a further reaching consumer base.

When you take into account everything advertising does for your company, the cost slowly falls to the back of your mind, like a receding nightmare that fades with time. A campaign allows you to not only strive to be different, but to also prove you are. Apple’s Mac vs PC campaign is a prime example of this. Apple approached their campaign in a way that didn’t just show what a Mac did, but actually proved why it was different. Considered as one of the most successful campaigns ever for Apple, with a 42% market share growth in the first year. Apple plainly show that by being honest, and proving why you are different, is a clear path to the consumer’s heart (and money!).

So what have we got lose if we don’t advertise? In a new world where advertising is strewn all over, from magazines, billboards, and TV. It is impossible to consider the future without advertising, as competitors get more serious and threatening every day. Aside from the obvious of your brand becoming all but forgotten by consumers, advertising campaigns ensure not only a continued interest but also loyalty from your consumers. In 2011, Coke introduced their ‘Share a Coke’ campaign in Australia which quickly spread to over 70 countries. Coke took the most personal thing to a consumer, their name and incorporated it into their advertising strategy. An ingenious idea.  Coke allowed the opportunity for their consumers to express themselves through their product and share with others, ensuring they personally touched thousands of their consumers. This saw a rise in their sales of 2.5% overall after more than 10 years of steady decline.  Coke, one of the most iconic brands on the planet, used advertising to encourage existing consumers to appreciate and buy their product more often. If a successful brand such as Coke, rely upon advertising to ensure the success of their brand. It certainly suggests that whether you have a small or large company, advertising shouldn’t have a question mark above it.

So here’s some advice. Whether it’s a high cost or low cost, make sure you Advertise, Advertise, and Advertise! Put some thought in and make sure its creative, and remember advertising allows you to tell your story in any way, leaving it up to you to make it unique.


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