As we head towards the end of May, both PCIM Europe and SMT Hybrid Packaging have come to an end for 2017, both declaring their exhibitions huge successes.

PCIM Europe 2017 closed with a record result of 10,836 visitors across 3 days.  The show featured 465 exhibitors and co-exhibitors, as well as 81 represented companies who showcased new trends, developments and innovations from various fields of power electronics.  The exhibition saw a growth from prior years, previously receiving 10,053 visitors in 2016, and only 771 conference attendees, compared to 816 conference attendees this year.

SMT Hybrid Packaging 2017 also achieved considerable success this year, attracting around 15,000 visitors, and featuring 420 exhibitors with 32 represented companies. Their conference featured 259 attendees, which was praised for allowing visitors to refresh their knowledge and have conversations with experts.

With these important exhibitions continuing to grow with each year, I look forward to seeing what PCIM Europe and SMT Hybrid Packaging will bring in 2018.

Both PCIM Europe 2018 and SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018 will be held from the 5th-7th June at the Exhibition Center Nuremberg, Germany.