On May 31st, the long awaited annual Mary Meeker Internet Trends report was unveiled (we also blogged about last year’s Internet Trends report). Spanning over 300 slides, the report provides an insight into how the internet and digital services, are continuing to be increasingly vital to advertisers and marketers alike, as they strive to improve their advertising and marketing on social media platforms.

Digital ad spending was a key part of the report, which revealed advertisers as continuing to move their budgets online with a digital ad spend totalling $73 billion.  Google and Facebook are also dominating the digital ad spend online, as combined they account for 85% of total online advertising revenue growth between 2015 and 2016. This increased digital spend has created further pressure marketers to show that digital ads produce results, and this year the report has revealed that marketers biggest challenge on social media is measuring their ROI.

Further key findings from the report revealed how improvements in technology are making it easier to attribute offline purchases to online ad spend, and that although financial value of mergers and acquisitions in the tech sector during 2016 was down year over year the number of deals were up. It seems Ad growth is continuing to grow, and was revealed to be driven by mobile as smartphone shipments are increasing with nearly 3 billion users.

As the most important report on internet trends every year, it is encouraging to see how improvements in technology and online are constantly improving, as advertisers and marketers continue to rely heavily on digital services.

Read the full report to discover more about 2017’s internet trends.