Earlier this year, in April, EDN Europe rebranded as eeDesignNews. Now eeDesignNews is to become eeNews Embedded. We are saddened to say however that the re-brand has been inspired by Graham Prophet’s decision to retire. Graham has had a very successful career in journalism providing readers with his extensive range of knowledge and insight. We are disappointed to hear this news, but we wish him the best in his new life ahead, and hope he gets some well-deserved rest. Although we hope he continues to enjoy and express his passion for the industry in whatever way that may be.

We are however thrilled to announce that as of January 1st Ally Winning will be filling the shoes of Graham as the new editor in chief! This is a big position to fill but with Ally’s 17 years of experience in the technology industry but we have every confidence he is going to thrive in his new role.

eeDesignNews closed the door on print back in 2009 and moved solely to the online version – well print is back! When eeNews Embedded releases its first publication under this title, we will all have the privilege of receiving a print version, which will be distributed at embedded world. It’s interesting to see a print title launch (even as a supplement to another print title), and it is clear that print titles are still in the position to make money, and EBP are great at making money from this “old” approach to distribution.”

We look forward to the rebrand and can’t wait to see what eeNews Embedded has to offer in 2018.

Clarification of Alistair Winning’s Editorial Roles

We thought it would be worth putting in a clarification about Ally’s editorial roles. The fact he has replaced Graham does not change his position as Editor-in-Chief at PSDE. Both sides are aware of the other role, and as they are not competitive both publishers were happy for Alistair to hold both positions.