productronica 2017, held in Munich this November, has presented growth for the electronics production industry.

The event saw an increase in attendees, with 44,000 visitors from 85 countries attending the show, almost a 20% increase from the last productronica. Over 1,200 exhibitors presented innovations from the fields of electronics production and development, with focus on topics such as the IoT, as well as big data and miniaturization.  Special shows including subjects such as ‘Smart Data-Future Manufacturing ‘and ‘Hardware Data Mining’ were also present, providing productronica with the opportunity to present the industry’s latest innovations in smart technologies.

Rainer Kurtz, Chairman of productronica’s Technical advisory and CEO of kurtz ersa, stated that productronica has confirmed the growth forecast for the industry, expressing how “The great interest in smart technologies shows that digitalization has finally arrived in the electronics manufacturing industry.”

With a sharp rise of international visitors this year, it is clear that productronica has made a positive impact on the industry. As new trends in the industry spilled over to productronica, many were keen to take advantage of this growth and to keep the momentum of these trends going.

Many are calling Munich the ‘world’s hotspot for electronics manufacturing’ after productronica 2017, and it will be interesting to see how the next productronica will reflect the ongoing progress of the industry.