It’s safe to say that I don’t regret my apprenticeship with Napier one single bit. My journey started when I finished taking my A levels at sixth form and I decided to jump straight in and take the apprenticeship route to kickstart my career. I was amongst the minority of people who chose to take an apprenticeship rather than going to university, and I really feel like the hard work has paid off now that my apprenticeship is coming to an end.

I made the choice to take an apprenticeship while everyone around me was deciding what they were going to be studying at university. Although there are lots of interesting courses out there I’ve found that I’ve always been more of a practical learner. There is a common misconception that apprenticeships are designed for engineers or hairdressers, but I can tell you that this is nothing more than a myth and I think more people should be aware of all the different courses out there, as from my apprenticeship I have gained a strong foundation in which to build my career on.

One of the factors that draw people to apprenticeships is not having endless student loans debts to pay off, and of course it’s been beneficial to be earning while learning at the same time. This has allowed me to be able to start saving money for moving out, and help me set up for my future.

After being with Napier for over a year now, there’s no doubt that this is where I want to be moving forward. Apprenticeships give you the full insight to what exactly work life is like in your chosen industry, and with the addition of college alongside your work placement, it gives you the perfect complementary mix of education and work.

I don’t think it’s stressed enough how many other valuable skills you learn from apprenticeships; skills that you won’t be exposed to if you’re not in the workplace. I now know how to effectively communicate with others, better manage my time and have gained the experience of working in a full-time position.

I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity to explore such a large variety of digital marketing, and PR projects. The whole team at Napier should be thanked for giving me enough support and guidance, while still giving me that necessary leeway by trusting and giving me the independence to work on client campaigns.

The apprenticeship has led me into earning even more qualifications. From this April, I am enrolled on the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Level 4 course, an evening course at Chichester college. It’s great to continue developing my knowledge base and gaining more qualifications.

Over the past year I’ve had lots of time to look at the different elements of marketing. Napier has introduced me to all the areas, helping me decide exactly what I want to specialise in. I’ve been involved with PR activities, the designing of graphics, advertising production, and digital marketing campaigns. I look forward to continue developing my skills across all areas as I work on more projects with our clients in the future.


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