What is it?

If you haven’t yet used Flipboard, it’s a great social app that allows its users to share, group, and collect content from multiple sources all in one place. It gives you the flexibility to set up your own streams, called ‘magazines’ to organise valuable content you come across when online. Users are also able to subscribe to public magazines that are owned by others or brands.

It’s a really easy to use tool that more people should be using. You’ll never have to worry about losing that bookmark article again!

How can it help you?

Whether it’s personal or business related, Flipboard can be used to aid many activities in your day to day tasks:

Keeping up with the industry news – gather all the top new stories and group into a magazine that can be shared with people in your team

Content marketing – looking for content ideas? Flipboard contains thousands of magazines covering numerous topics at your disposal to view, group, and take ideas for your own content marketing strategy

Collaboratively – this tool can be used to discuss ideas and concepts with clients. The clients can also use it to represent the direction they want a particular project to go in.

Create your own newsletter – yes, you can do this! We’ve integrated our Flipboard with Mailchimp to give us our very new ‘Industry News’ updates as an email newsletter that is then sent round the office, and has been met with great success!

Napier’s Flipboard

Here at Napier we have started to use Flipboard as a haven for all our useful articles, and stories that we want to share with colleagues. Our ‘B2B Tech Marketing’ stream is where we keep relevant marketing news, and Business to Business specific marketing tips and tricks.

Please go have a look at our Flipboard B2B Tech Marketing Magazine for more news.

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