What did we cover?

In this lesson we were assessing the impact, and influence of the dynamic digital environment. We discussed the integration of online and offline marketing concepts and applications, and also looked into how customer behaviour has changed as a result of the digital environment.


Integration of online and offline marketing

Digital is great but… Not every ad will look the same across every channel.

Multichannel campaigns (combinations online and offline marketing techniques) can be used to reach your audience and connect with them. The key is for campaigns to be consistent and engaging, your campaign could be focused on digital but you can integrate other channels such as print advertising to help increase your reach.

Consistency will improve awareness and ad recall, while taking a multichannel approach will help improve the overall engagement.

Different channels have distinct strengths and weaknesses, an integrated campaign doesn’t mean that you have to do the exact same thing across all channels, it gives you the flexibility to tailor each message slightly for the ad to utilise the strengths of each channel.


The 4 C’s

This model is what is used to generate a successful integrated campaign, Pickton and Broderies 4C’s outline the 4 key elements to help your campaign reach its goals.

These are the 4Cs to consider below:




Customer power!

Yes! Customers now have more power. With the influence of digital and online coming into place we see that consumers now expect more communication from companies before making the conversion from a lead to a customer.

These are some of the key ways that digital has changed the purchasing process:

  • Less intermediaries between the brand and customer due to websites and eCommerce
  • Brands are closer with customers through their use of social platforms
  • New technology enables more convenience for customers, Chats bots enable a 247-communication platform for customers to reach out to your company
  • Customers can readily access more information at the ease of a Google search
  • Payments are made easier through eCommerce sites
  • More availability for consumers, due to globalisation